Our Story
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Our Story

“What is the story behind your name?”

We get this question a lot. The company started out as many others – a woman-owned start-up with a dream to forge their own paths, do something different, improve on past experiences with like industries. But over the years, it morphed into something bigger, and something more meaningful.

We were a start-up, with all the start-up challenges. But we had one key difference – we had diversity in generation and experienced staff to start. As we brought on additional staff, we instilled the same level of ownership commitment throughout our staff. If BFD succeeds, then we all succeed. And we continue to mentor that one core commitment to each other.

We have thought about changing our name throughout the years at times, but it comes back to the fact that our company was built from a dream, so why should we change where we came from? It is the grounding factor for who we are. It is the dream of the intern to work for a cool culture company, the dream of a new designer to learn, grow and create awesome projects, the dream of sales to have a company and product they believe in and feel supported to be successful, the dream of senior designers to mentor, and the dream of owners to create a legacy company that will impact lives and the community, and live beyond our ownership and lives. Therefore we are – Built For Dreams, and we are here to help business owners fulfill theirs.